Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Natural Beauty

Avoid chemical overload (and before anyone complains I know everything is made of chemicals...) but I mean petrochemicals, preservatives etc. You don't want that stuff soaking into your skin and hair do you? Natural beauty products can be a bit hit and miss but these are my fave lines. Lush, for fun bathproducts especially the famous bath bombs, totally non-allergic creams with wonderful floral scents. Burts Bees, which my Mum introduced me to, are fantastic and more reliable in terms of textures and results. Dead Sea by Yarden has minerals from the Dead Sea in which help exzema and skin problems, they do a great facewash and bath products including a scarily vigorous body scrub and amazing frankincense scented bath salt with floaty petals.

Friday, 7 August 2009

TV is like Buses

All the good programmes come at once! Currently I am enjoying The Proms, Coast series 2, Desperate Romantics with the gorgeous Aidan Turner, What to Eat Now and Economy Gastronomy. Better Half is loving The Sky at Night. We also have a great programme about the history of the Open University on the HDD Recorder. (Along with many films I feel I ought to see but always end up watching Alias on DVD instead, possibly my favourite programme of all time. Mostly I watch it while Better Half plays World of Warcraft, to drown out the shouts of Kill the Orc!) Really I feel good TV should be saved for the long Aberdonian winters when I hibernate with stodge for months, but thanks anyway to the BBC.