Saturday, 26 December 2009

The Xmas dinners

This year I went for easy and traditional for my three Xmas dinners rather than last year's cream based fest. Xmas Eve for me is lamb and I did a lamb stew with dumplings. For pud a treacle tart with ice cream. Accompanied by red wine and Carols from Kings this was all in good. Xmas Day was chicken (cos I don't like turkey and find game birds tricky to time right) with home-made sage and onion stuffing, bread sauce and roast spuds. Pud was Xmas pud with custard. Accompanied by red wine and Doctor Who Xmas Special as is traditional. Boxing Day will be starter of melon with parma ham, roast beef with horseradish and spuds and parsnips. Pud is chocolate log with ice-cream which will provide survivors for the Wii'n'Tea session tomorrow. I always buy and make too much over Xmas, but then again who doesn't?!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Thoughts on Vintage/Charity Shop shopping.

On left, me in 1930s crepe and lace dress.

I really got into vintage/second hand from going to church jumble sales when I was a kid. Later on I think my wardrobe when growing up was always slightly off beat with lots of hand knitted and handmade items and groovy 70s stuff. Now I find fashion a bit tacky, boring and expensive so I love to shop second hand. Also this is a great way to try out new and different looks when all the stuff in the shops is the same. My top tips would be to explore different periods or themes to find something that suits your mood...I watch loads of old films and TV programmes and often see fantastic outfits on them. Do you perhaps love the 60s look in The Avengers or The Saint, the gothic romance of costume dramas or the glamour of the 30s? If a whole look is too challenging, channel it with some retro shoes or a handbag or some costume jewellery. Sadly I am far from my vintage nirvana; Armstrongs in Edinburgh but I recommend their ebay site Ebay is scary for buying but just remember to measure yourself carefully as dress sizes have totally changed over the years and try to get stuff you can put through the washing machine as some items may be fusty. My current irrational desires run to wool capes, tailored dresses, anything cashmere and big cocktail rings.