Saturday, 19 June 2010

So Bad It's Good

During my Apartment Therapy sessions, I have found, worryingly, that I am more and more drawn to bad taste things. In a world of samey neutral tastefulness in decor, why not embrace some kitsch, colour and scary patterns? Atom Age, Tiki, Space Age, you name it.

Here are some great bad taste books to get you started.....

'Dictator's Homes'. If you didn't laugh you'd cry. Leopard skin, marble, swastika throw cushions?

'Turned On, Decorative Lamps of the Fifties'. Hula girls, panthers, poodles. Beyond tasteless and fills you with that collecting urge.

'Inspiring Interiors from Armstrong'. 1950s conversion horrors by Armstrong, the lino people. There's a lot of lino featured, along with hideous colour combos, formica and decorative Spanish style metalwork.

And just for fun one of my favourite fashion books 'Off the Wall, Fashion from the DDR'. Soviet Bloc fashions from the 60s actually look surprisingly fresh and fun these days.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Scary tidy

Following my endless grousing about the chaos of our flat, a friend lent me this excellent book

a sort of self-help book for the interior. I am following-ish (cos I'm not a great one for structured programmes) the programme of tidying, redecorating and er 'energising' the home. So far I have purged three loads of stuff to Oxfam, including my technologically defunct VHS and audio tape collections. I have bought three new cushions, a plant pot, PC speakers and have ordered a coat hook for the hall (pictured). I have found out where to dispose of old paint tins too. I even bought flowers which is a sign of 'care for your home' and although that sounds a bit drippy they are actually very nice...sweet williams. I am still trying not to think about our study which is really heaving with stuff, if not up to the standards of some guy I saw on TV who had fifty old bikes in his living room. I will update on how I am progressing, if at all...