Monday, 29 October 2012


A sad sight spotted at the end of our road on Sunday morning.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Fabulous en France

On my annual trip to Paris, I am always inspired by the amazingly stylish people you see going about. Following from this (and featuring my blog's first ever male fashion picture) I offer the following tips which I am trying to apply to my own wardrobe. (If I didn't have a rotten cold so shrouded in a giant jumper, that is.)

Cast aside: Your Ugg boots and fake tan. You won't see them here. Yes, I know France might actually enjoy sunshine, unlike Scotland. And maybe it's not quite so cold.

Embrace: knee boots over skinny jeans with a fitted jacket, lots of black with bonkers accessories like bags and scarves, everything leopard pattern and fur (sometimes real, sadly). A great Paris look is a black mac, dress and black court shoes. Red lipstick is a must have. Yes, you can still wear those shoes high. Stride with confidence, feeling fab.

And gents. On the right, a gent I saw strolling along Boulevard Montparnasse wearing a full evening suit with bowtie and olive green shoes. Amazing.

Parisian men either dress very classic (with a twist) or very hipster with cardigans, coloured jeans, sneakers (not trainers.)

And so to my wardrobe project: A daring purchase of a leopard pattern belted mac in the Hobbs sale. An ongoing search for a pair of black high heels (seriously new territory for me) and for a classic black handbag. Any advice on the latter two appreciated.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Night Time

This is a wonderfully Gothic church clock tower, especially when lit up at night. It's Holburn West Church on Great Western Road and is (sadly) a great landmark of mine, on my route picking Alistair up from Working Late at Night in the Winter. It does cheer my car journey though.

Next to it is a lovely house which I fantasise about living in. Sometimes the current owners leave the front door open while going about their Perfect Family Life and I can see a beautiful Victorian staircase inside.

I will try and paint that sometime, too.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Hello Puddies

This weekend we are feeding a friend's two cats. This is a picture of cats I drew on my shopping list to remind me.
Actually so far we have only seen one cat (the other is presumably hiding somewhere). And the first cat gave me the evils the entire time I was there, probably thought I was a burglar or something.
Also, the cats are black but if I coloured them in you wouldn't see the wee faces.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

That Forty Project

Serene facial, not disembodied zombie head, before you ask.
I'm pleased to report (for anyone who fancies trying) that regular running and a healthy diet will remove middle aged spread AND return your bum back up to where it ought to be. Well worth 1hr-ish of weekly suffering. I recently ran my first 5K and am now onto my 10K training programme!
A parallel strand of That Forty Project is a series of trips to that much feared venue The Beauty Salon. PureSpa is the most friendly and does excellent online deals. I've tried variously:
Back Massage: fantastic, really sorts out those crunchy malformed bits. Hot Stone Back Massage: soothing, but a sad lack of vigourous kneading so not so good as the basic massage.
Manicure: completely pointless with my manual job. Acrylic nails: too freaky as you can't remove it and have to put your hands in a UV lamp which made me think of hand cancer.
Pedicure: will awesomely transform your feet especially if you get the scary scalpel hard skin removal.
Facial; feels amazing, afterwards looked exactly the same as before. If Amy Pond thinks she has eye wrinkles she should see mine. Think I'll be spending that facial money on some lovely face cream instead.