Sunday, 30 June 2013

Books of June

Book of June is the brilliant and blackly funny 'Travels with my Aunt' by Graham Greene. I haven't finished it yet, so no spoilers please! A stodgily respectable bank manager meets his bohemian and disreputable Aunt Augusta at his mother's funeral and gets drawn into her crazy life.

Honorary mention for 'Mansfield Park' my favourite Jane Austen yet. The heroine, Fanny goes to live with dreadful relatives (Mrs Norris, we all know one of you!) Great characters, romance and soap-y plot twists kept me glued throughout the many, many chapters. It sustained me through the long, jet lagged suffering of our journey back from Chicago. I loved it so much I kept having to update Alistair continually on the characters doings, although he had no clue what I was on about!

Friday, 7 June 2013

Giant Vegetable Day

This was going to be a post about Pilates, but when I went to the supermarket I found this freakishly large pepper, which I wanted to paint.

It was so large, the checkout lady exclaimed over it and showed it to other people in the queue. I thought I'd better paint it before I had to eat it.

I also found an unfeasibly huge aubergine, hence Day of Giant Vegetables was born.

Quite pleased with the highlight effect on this.