Monday, 28 October 2013

Moroccan not Afternoon

Following on from a previous post extolling the virtues of Afternoon Tea...a new discovery, Moroccan tea.

While in Paris (on annual anniversary holiday) we always go to one of my favourite restaurants; Chez Bebert on Rue Montparnasse. It's a slightly chaotic, crammed place that serves amazing Moroccan food.

Couscous, tagines, north African wines and to finish off, insanely sweet, strong mint tea in a glass with a selection of baklava (pastries) teeny marzipan fruits, marzipan shapes and dates stuffed with marzipan on an exotic cake stand.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Paris Rooftops

This picture of rooftops in Paris is dedicated to my friend Sarah Rooftops, who especially likes these things (rooftops).

This is the view to the extreme right, leaning off the tiny balcony of our hotel room on the 6th floor. A proper Paris attic with a slopey ceiling, lovely.

We go to Paris for our anniversary every year and it is my favourite city in the whole world. I am becoming a bit of a massive Francophile, actually, the food...the style...the architecture...

This time we went to many of our favourite haunts such as the comic shops, Notre Dame, Luxembourg Gardens and also to some new places: The Musee Nissim Camondo, Fontainebleau Palace and an exhibition about the history of underwear at the Musee Arts Decoratifs (I shouldn't have laughed at the codpieces, I know.)

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Glimpsed while Driving

A few weeks ago we went on a holiday with the in-laws. This involved driving to Troon, through Ayrshire. Ayrshire features some fabulous existing castles, such as Culzean Castle, but also many ruins, especially of stately homes from the C18th and 19th. I don't know why so much is lost and abandoned in this county?

As it was a family holiday I didn't have any conspirators to trample through mud and over wire to reach derelict stately homes (next time Dalquaharran!), but I did stop to get petrol (cunningly) and photograph this one from the garage forecourt.

Loudon Castle is a ruined C19th house which was the centrepiece of a now abandoned amusement park. Find out more here: Loudon Castle.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Son of Begonia

Oooh must be on a high res here as I can see all the paper texture!

This begonia is the clone offspring (cutting) of one I got from my dad. Every so often I hack it all off so it can regrow healthy and the offcuts are distributed among various people. It is one of those great plants you can grow from putting a leafy twig in a jam jar.

I love plants in the house, especially over the long Aberdonian winter.