Sunday, 22 May 2016

Lost River

Walking along by Bridge of Dee, you pass over a small medieval footbridge. This was moved from Holburn Street for road widening. Under the footbridge runs a stream, emerging from a sinister grated tunnel. This is a lost river or stream of Aberdeen, most of which are now routed underground, but can sometimes be found in unexpected places where you hear running water.
The little bird is a Dipper, which feeds by water. I had not seen one so close before. They are very swift and acrobatic flyers.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Sew and Sew

A sewing update. I am finally reaching the stage with my sewing where I can make things I really like and wear. Although I am still wearing the navy cotton pencil skirt that was the second thing I ever made, just so useful. 
This is a seventies style a line skirt with large pockets and front pleat, Butterick pattern B6182. I made it in navy wool/poly twill (or that's what it said on ebay, who knows) and lined the pockets in navy flowery silk offcuts. I am wearing it at the mo and it is so comfy with the flared skirt and giant pockets to wedge your hands into. 
I am now working on a navy stretch fabric dress made up from three patterns mashed together. It has a crossover wrap section from a Japanese sewing book series Pattern Magic, Which has lots of really conceptual, geometric weird things in it. Pattern Magic Stretch is especially interesting, but I wouldn't say they are easy to make, I spent a long happy time mentally wrestling with how they worked. I really like the design and assembly stage best. Will update when completed.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Core Wardrobe

As people seem to enjoy the fashion based blog entries I thought I would write about the idea of a core style and wardrobe, which I find is useful when shopping.
Perhaps readers could share their must have items or style evolution....

I find my style has changed over time, as I grow older, my lifestyle changes and my body and style alter. As a teenager I was cripplingly shy and wore the uniform of jeans, jersey tops, jumpers or sweatshirts and trainers. I still like jersey tops. In art college I went crazy for goth things, fake fur, tartan and velvet and I still love all these. Recently, I have been in more of a vintage and retro phase, moving from the 60s to the 50s ( more flattering on my body type) and more recently the 40s (inspired by the fantastic fashions in TV series Agent Carter). I have always loved fashion history, old films and tv and it tends to inform how I look at things in shops 'Look..the 70s are back...' My 60s look was very much inspired by Emma Peel's wardrobe in the tv series The Avengers, for instance. 

My core wardrobe these days consists of either plain colours or big prints and fairly simple shapes. I have given up wearing trousers, even jeans, and favour a below the knee skirt, teamed with tshirt and cardi. The tshirt may express my geeky tendencies with superhero or horror motifs. The skirt may be homemade and will probably be a fairly boxy a line which suits my body shape. I wear this with black tights and comfy mary jane shoes because of my foot problem. I love an outrageous fabric in a coat, be it tweed, leopard pattern or brocade, again in a fairly classic shape. Going out, jersey dresses are comfortable and not too formal and I like to sew these myself. Or for formal something very retro in a glamourous fabric teamed with some wacky footwear. Team this with a classic handbag with a fifties flavour and I am ready to go.

What do you like to wear, readers?

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Posh weekend

Last weekend I went on an amazing trip to Castle of Park, Banff with two good friends/colleagues. We had a three leg drive, I drove to Pitmedden, then we drove to Turiff, then Banff in the far north. It was all worth it though when we arrived at this amazing house for our dinner and overnight stay. The castle is run as a very luxurious B&B, with four poster beds, billiard room, library, everything you could want. We played billiards, listened to the piano, drank champagne and had an amazing dinner. Then we sat around, stoking the log fire and admiring the collection of Victorian art.
The next day I was feeling a little rough due to too much wine, but a lovely breakfast was served, we explored the house further and then sadly left.
Strongly recommended for a luxurious stay in total peace and quiet.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Fashion Update for Maria

To follow on from my sister in law Maria's excellent fashion post, here's a few things I have bought lately.
I got this fantastic 50s style dress by goth brand Hell Bunny at the Aberdeen Comic Con. It is patterned with hawaiian tiki motifs and zombie girls. It's a great shape for my body type with my large boobs and is glamourous and fun. Ideal for my friend's wedding in the summer as she is also a bit unconventional...
At the moment I am quite keen on the new maxi skirts, eccentric prints and everything navy. I'm going for bolder things as I have to wear sensible shoes now, so can branch out elsewhere.
Recent buys include a quite bonkers metallic zigzag pattern maxi and a yellow maxi skirt both from M&S, a commemorative scarf for the Queens 90th birthday patterned with corgis from Sainsburys and a grey scarf patterned with giant insects from ebay. I'm doing some workshops on insects at work and I can wear this those days!
Regarding sewing projects, I am making a 70s style navy skirt with patch pockets, which is a bit more work friendly.